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About Kincardine Estate

Ownership, management, and extent of the estate

Kincardine Estate is a traditional rural estate owned and managed by the Bradford family. The current generation took over the management in August 2021. It is a hugely varied job which today comprises the management of 70 houses, some shops, offices and workshops, a quarry, 1,500 acres of forestry, farming, tenant farming, salmon fishing, game shooting, gardening and the estate maintenance and hospitality businesses.

Formed out of much larger estates in 1710, Kincardine Estate was bought by the current owner's great-great-grandmother in the 1880s. Her family had been associated with the area for many centuries. Since then the property has remained in the family, passing through female and male ownerships.

The estate covers just under 3,000 acres around the village of Kincardine O'Neil and, roughly speaking, the land cover is:

  • Forest – commercial – 1,500 acres

  • Forest – amenity – 200 acres

  • Agriculture – tenanted – 600 acres

  • Agriculture – in-hand – 400 acres

  • Rough Ground, muir etc – 250 acres

  • Buildings, roads etc. – 50 acres

The land ranges from elevations of 290 – 850 feet above sea level on ground which was heavily swept by ice between 2,500 and 5,000 feet thick only 11,000 years ago. 

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