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Rural Employment in Aberdeenshire
We will post details of any vacancies here. 

Currently we have no vacancies.

The Kincardine Estate Team

The estate sustains six full-time and two part-time jobs in the following areas: 

Property Maintenance:  All-round skills for building and property maintenance include joinery, roofing, drains, water supplies, fencing, tree-work including chainsawing, working at height in cherry-pickers, road maintenance, digger and tractor driving, scaffolding, installing log stoves, glazing, general handyman, groundkeeping, simple plumbing and electrical works, welding, building - it is a long list. 

Mechanic:   Keeping the machinery going

Administration:  Office work, EPCs, letting fishing and self-catering property, social media work

Management:  The Laird & his wife are heavily involved in keeping things going. 

Kincardine Castle

This enterprise offers hospitality in a variety of forms. Owing to the intermittent nature of the business most of these posts are on a casual basis.  In total over 20 people are on our books for 

Chefs  Kitchen Staff

Waiting and housekeeping


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