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Residential Property

Homes for rent in rural Aberdeenshire

Kincardine Estate provdes some 69 homes for rent in and around Kincardine O’Neil. Whilst a few of these are occupied by Estate staff and farm tenants the majority are leased as Residential Properties.

Our rental policy seeks to support the local community as a priority. If all our houses were rented at the open market rent many local families would not be able to afford to live in Kincardine O’Neil. We therefore set rents, often at much lower levels, to support local needs. We do have some properties, however, that are rented at normal open-market rates. In 2018 85% of our houses were rented at affordable rent – in total we provide over 4.5 times as many affordable homes than Aberdeenshire Council does in and around Kincardine O’Neil.

We prefer long-term tenants and those who can contribute to the well-being of a small rural community. Those who are willing to become involved in the local activities are especially welcome.

We have a wide variety of properties for rent, ranging from outlying farm cottages constructed in the first half of the 19th Century, through to newly built homes constructed as recently as 1999.

Over the years we have constantly striven to improve the quality of our rented properties. Government policies between 1918 and 1982, were so negative to the private rented sector that a legacy of neglect has had to be remedied. In the last 20 years we have made great progress and we hope you will be impressed!

We have a dedicated and skilled Estate Maintenance Team who will ensure that any problem with the property is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Kincardine Estate is an Accredited Landlord under the national scheme Landlord Accreditation Scotland. The Estate is also a Registered Landlord.

Awards For Our Housing

Our Canmore Place development was constructed in 1999 and has been the recipient of several prestigious awards:

  • 2000 Homes Innovation Award by DETR Construction Best Practice Programme

  • Aberdeenshire Design Awards 2000 – Housing

  • The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Award 2000 (shortlisted)

  • Saltire 2001 Housing Award (shortlisted)

For more information see the relevant article at Robert Gordon University or download a summary document here.

Applications for Housing

From time to time vacancies arise and we do operate an applications list. To register an interest please contact the property management team: or 01339 884 225

Ask for an application form for housing on Kincardine Estate. All information supplied is held in the strictest confidence and subject to GDPR.

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