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Walking and Cycling

Routes around Kincardine Estate and Kincardine O'Neil

The estate hosts a selection of circular walks around Kincardine O'Neil and was a keen participant in establishing the Deeside Way which extends for over 2 1/2 miles across the estate. 

Short Walks Around Kincardine O'Neil

Walks around Kincardine O'Neil.jpg

Walk No. 1

This popular walk takes you down to the River Dee.  Take Dee Road opposite the Chinese Takeaway. The road soon becomes a grassy track occasionally used by vehicles. At the river turn upstream. There are two benches overlooking the river where you may see fish jumping (salmon and sea-trout mainly) and much bird life. The banks are a picture of wild flowers.  At the next junction turn right again and head back towards the village.  You can extend the walk by taking a loop around the Boat Wood (1a). This pine wood, planted in 1958, is regenerating with many tree species. About every five years the trees are thinned out. 

Walk No. 2

Start as per Walk 1 and continue upstream towards the fishing hut. Before you reach it however, fork right and follow the track up the field side where it meets the A93. Cross this carefully and you can continue via Heughead Steading  to these options: 

2a:  Behind the steading take the track up the strip of trees on your left.  Turn right onto the Deeside Way and then left into the Cistern Wood. Finally you meet the Pitmurchie Road, turn right and return to the village. 

2b:  Behind the steading keep heading up the vehicle track to the Deeside Way, turn right and return to the village. Shortly before the Deeside Way joins Pitmurchie Road there's no trace today of a small slaughterhouse in the field on your right. It was demolished in the 1970s. 

Walk No. 3

Head up Neil Burn Drive - just east of the ruined kirk - and turn right onto Craigton Road. On your right you pass a modern fountain - which comes from Saint Erchard's Well which is in the field on the other side of the road. This was constructed as part of a youth project in the 1990s. St. Erchard (or Merchaid) was an early missionary who founded a church in Kincardine O'Neil in the 5th century. Continue up the hill and take the track on your left back towards the village. Before you do pause to enjoy the view.  As you descend the track the wood on your right is the Gallowhill Wood and it is said that nothing grows on the stony ground in the south-east corner for that is where the witches were burned in the 17th century. 

If you want a bit more exercise continue up Craigton Road to the summit - about 1/2 mile on - the view from the top is well worth the climb. Then retrace your steps. 

Deeside Way - East: 

At the east end of the village the pavement runs out and immediately you can see the Deeside Way on the south side of the A93. It continues along between the A93 and the River Dee as far as Potarch Bridge. Of course if you want to walk further it continues to Banchory and eventually Aberdeen. 

Deesie Way - West: 

At the west end of the village is Pitmurchie Road - take it - visit Christ Church which is usually open when you pass - and after 200 yards the Deeside Way forks left. It is a very pleasant walk to the Sloc of Dess.  See longer walks  - below. 

Longer Walks: 

Follow this link: 

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