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Shooting and Stalking

Traditional Sport and Countryside Management

Kincardine Estate is home to a variety of game birds.  Many of the smaller woods were planted to produce driven pheasants but, in doing so, created havens for a wide variety of other species too. 


All of the shooting and stalking on Kincardine Estate is currently leased to a local syndicate who also engage in deer management and pest control on the Estate.

We have roe deer and red deer on the estate. It is necessary to control their numbers if we are to get trees to regenerate successfully and as forestry regeneration is part of our strategy for sequestering carbon this illustrates how much the cycle of the natural world intertwines. We are never going to eliminate deer by stalking - the aim is to suppress their numbers sufficiently to allow the trees to grow. Their delicious meat is used locally or sold to game dealers for export from the estate. 

Enquiries should be directed to the Estate Office in the first instance.

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