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Access Agreements

We work with local groups to provide organised, safe access to the estate

We welcome safe, responsible access to Kincardine Estate in line with our access statement.  Larger group activities and organised events are more likely to conflict with those living and working on the estate and so we have established formal access agreements with local groups which work very well.  These agreements allow events to take place safely in the knowledge that the area is not being used by other groups and ensure visitors are distanced from estate work such as forestry and deer management.  We welcome approaches from all sorts of recreational groups, large and small.  We have formal agreements with the following groups.
Mar Orienteering Club

We've had an association with Mar Orienteering Club for more than quarter of a century. Several events are held annually in our woodlands and the estate has been host to competitions including National and World Championships.

Bon Accord Motorcycle Club

We've been working with Bon Accord Motorcycle Club to allow legal motorbike riding as part of organised events on the estate.

Buchan Offroad Drivers Club
Buchan Off-Roaders use our woods for their reqular 4x4 outings which include a form of cross-country navigation not wholly dissimilar to orienteering but with the punch cards attached to wing-mirrors which means that you have to get the vehicle within a very short distance of the control points.

Metal Detecting

Landowner permission is required to undertake metal detecting.  We have agreements in place with respected members of the local Metal Detecting community who have permission to conduct searches on the Estate.  At the moment we are not granting any further requests for permission.

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