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Helping new business grow - literally!

Kincardine Estate is very pleased to welcome a brand new family business to Kincardine O'Neil. Oakwood Market Garden Ltd will occupy an unused plot of land at the edge of the village as well as part of an adjacent field which up to now has been farmed in a traditional manner with barley and grass. The local family aim to grow fresh produce for sale in the area using a low/no tillage approach, with the possibility of organic status in the future. This new venture not only brings a vacant area of the estate back into use but will provide fresh, healthy locally grown food with a low carbon footprint. Estate owner Andrew Bradford said "regenerative agriculture and organic food production are very much at the forefront of discussions across the country as more people want to know they can trust what they are eating and that it has been produced in a way that does little harm to the environment. We are very pleased to be able to offer Oakwood an area of the Estate to enable them to get their business started."

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